Our industrial-grade steel containers make life far easier for multiple industries. The government uses them as offices, temporary shelters, and storage. Farmers and educators use them to move and store large machines, athletic equipment, documents, and supplies. Retail, medical, and financial companies use them to store inventory, records, and equipment. Containers have even started to be repurposed as affordable, innovative living spaces! As the biggest mobile boxes in the world, you could say their advantages are practically endless. However, here are the three main reasons you should choose King of Containers and our corrugated steel containers.


Thick steel walls and tough locking mechanisms allow shipping containers to protect to your property from theft and weather. Whether it’s expensive machinery or hard-earned inventory, King of Containers is your ultimate solution for security and portability. Start a conversation with us to learn more.


You’ve probably seen containers with rust or dents, but this is normal and it doesn’t compromise them. Let King of Containers give you the durable storage you need.


If you need storage for years, an industrial container can be easily more cost-effective than a storage unit. Depending on whether you buy new or used, the price will range from $1,650 to $25,000 or more. We can customize a solution to your unique needs and budget. Contact us to learn more.

Storage Container Homes

Living spaces made from industrial containers are taking the housing industry by storm. They’re not only scalable and environmentally friendly, but they’re also easy to put together and make livable. From couples getaways to entire apartment buildings, the possibilities with industrial containers are really exciting. If you’re excited to join the movement, look no further than King of Containers! We can provide the giant building blocks you need to make a creation unlike any other. Storage container homes have gained momentum for several reasons:

They’re prefab solutions.

Shorter construction times, quick delivery, inspections completed at the factory — we could go on and on about the advantages of prefab structures.

Their cost is predictable.

Because containers are mass-made, their prices remain consistent. Factors like age and wear can shift the price a bit, but your foundation, assembly, and utilities will be the most variable prices you deal with.

They’re easy to transport and put in place.

There’s a worldwide system just for moving these containers around. All you need is a prepared foundation and you’re in business.

They are recycled.

Giving an old container a new lease on life can be a win-win situation. The key is finding containers that are structurally sound, and we help with that. Contact us today to get started!

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